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We offer an incredible sales and marketing support package that takes the burden off your shoulders.

Let's delve into the fantastic sales and marketing features that can benefit you, ensuring a dependable, consistent, and cost-effective approach to driving your business's growth....
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Lead Generation

3 Months Free Advertising, Supercharging Your Lead Generation

To kick-start your franchise journey, we provide three months of free advertising. This not only eases the initial marketing efforts but also alleviates the financial burden, while simultaneously ensuring a steady stream of leads.

With our strategic advertising support, you can generate a significant number of leads from day one, giving you a head start in building a robust customer base and driving revenue.

Fueling Your Success

Consistent Lead Generation

Our marketing strategies are designed to consistently generate leads for your business.

By leveraging platforms such as Bark, Facebook, Social Media, and Google My Business, our franchisees receive an impressive average of 11-12 leads per day.

This steady stream of potential customers provides you with ample opportunities to convert leads into loyal clients, ensuring a continuous pipeline of business growth.

Repeat & Consistent Leads

Building a Loyal
Customer Base

Our marketing efforts extend beyond acquiring new customers; they also aim to encourage repeat business. We understand the value of nurturing long-term relationships with your clients.

By providing exceptional service and maintaining regular contact, you can establish a stable customer base and enjoy consistent leads from satisfied and loyal clients. This recurring revenue source will provide stability and growth potential for your franchise.

We will set up your CRM that will automatically offer customers promotional deals and remind them of the requirements for gutter cleaning patio cleaning basically cleaning etc etc

Referral Business

The Power of Word-of-Mouth

One of the key benefits of providing outstanding service is the significant number of referrals it generates. Once customers experience the quality and professionalism of your business, they become advocates for your business, referring their friends, family, and neighbours.

This referral business acts as a powerful catalyst for growth, providing you with a continuous stream of new customers and increasing your recurring revenue potential.

Amplifying Your Visibility

Local Presence and Recognition

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Long-Term Customer Retention

Fostering Lasting Relationships

Sky High Window Cleaning is committed to fostering long-term customer relationships. When your business is run with dedication and professionalism, it naturally engenders customer loyalty.

By consistently delivering top-quality service and maintaining regular communication with your clients, you can cultivate loyal customers who not only continue to engage with your services but also become strong sources of referrals. This ensures customer longevity, high retention rates, and a steady flow of recurring revenue.

Comprehensive Marketing Package

Your Partner in Success

We provide a comprehensive marketing package to our franchisees, handling professional marketing efforts on your behalf.

Our dedicated team will design and execute effective marketing strategies, freeing up your time to focus on delivering top-notch service and growing your business. With our expertise and support, you can trust that your marketing efforts will be consistent, effective, and aligned with your business goals.

Detailed Marketing Plan

Transparency and Results

We believe in transparency and equipping our franchisees with the tools for success.

That’s why we provide a complete breakdown of our marketing plan, along with a case study that showcases the effectiveness of our strategies. This comprehensive understanding of our marketing approach empowers you to make informed decisions and optimise your business’s growth potential.

With Sky High Window Cleaning’s sales and marketing support, you can be confident in the fact that leads, customers, and clients will consistently flow into your business.

Our proven strategies, comprehensive marketing package, and focus on local presence ensure a dependable and cost-effective approach to driving your business’s growth. You can trust in our commitment to your success and enjoy the benefits of a thriving franchise.


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