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Our Story

Welcome to Sky High Window Cleaning, where we have embarked on a mission to transform the window cleaning industry. 

With the market size reaching an impressive £302 million we recognised the immense potential for growth and innovation. Join us as we share our captivating journey, highlighting our values, milestones, and the success stories of our franchisees.

We're really excited to bring this opportunity to the wider public, our existing franchisees have already proven that our business model works exceedingly well, we'll tell you all about our rise as a company and now a network below...
John Doe
Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise Founder


A Vision Realised

Founded in 2007 by Paul Needham, Sky High Window Cleaning was born out of a burning desire to meet the unfulfilled demand for high-quality, reliable, and punctual window and gutter cleaning services.

Paul identified a gap in the market where customers were yearning for exceptional service that surpassed their expectations. Armed with a vision and determination, he set out to revolutionise the window cleaning landscape.

Early Days

Filling the Void

In the early days of Sky High Window Cleaning, we faced numerous challenges and obstacles that come with any entrepreneurial journey. However, our unwavering commitment to excellence propelled us forward.

Customers quickly recognized and appreciated our unmatched service, resulting in rapid growth and a loyal customer base.

Our focus on providing a customer-centric experience became our hallmark.


Scaling New Heights

We experienced unprecedented success in the South West region, solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Buoyed by our achievements, we are now poised to expand our brand nationwide, extending our exceptional services and franchise opportunities to passionate entrepreneurs across the country.

The stage is set for exponential growth and remarkable achievements.


A Proven Formula

To replicate the triumphs of our original business, we meticulously developed a franchise model that has stood the test of time. 

Through years of dedication and fine-tuning, we have crafted a blueprint for success, ensuring that our franchisees can thrive in the window cleaning industry. Our milestones serve as testimonials of the effectiveness and profitability of our proven system.

Great People

Building a Thriving Community

We can only attribute our success to the incredible individuals who joined our franchise family.

The first pilot franchisees, Rhys Truscott from Bristol and Mark Holt from Somerset, joined our ranks with great ambition and determination.

Their unwavering dedication and adherence to our values have seen them achieve remarkable results, averaging between £3000 and £4000 per month. Their success validates the potential of our franchise model, which we are now excited to offer to the wider public.

You can of course speak with any of our franchisees and we are totally transparent in this respect.

Our Values

Service, Sustainability, and Satisfaction

Sky High Window Cleaning operates on an ethos of delivering high-quality service and through technology allowing you to efficiently perform more cleans per hour, with zero use of chemicals.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability, with clean water technology and chemical-free cleaning, sets us apart. These values are the foundation of our franchise model, ensuring a positive impact on both your customers and the environment.


Meeting the Soaring Demand

The demand for professional window cleaning services is soaring, presenting a remarkable opportunity for you.

With 50% of the UK lacking a window cleaner and 62% of people struggling to find one or lacking the time to search, we are poised to meet this unmet need.

Window cleaners make up a significant portion of the cleaning industry, accounting for 7% of all cleaning employees. As the market continues to expand, your franchise can tap into this vast potential.


Scaling New Horizons

The vision for Sky High Window Cleaning extends far beyond the present.

We are committed to developing our brand across the UK, offering franchisees world-class training and comprehensive support in all aspects of starting and running their franchise.

Our scalable business model empowers franchisees to build a substantial and thriving business.

Join Us

Start Your Journey with Sky High Window Cleaning

Are you ready to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey just like our franchisor, Paul Needham, and our successful franchisees, Rhys Truscott and Mark Holt?

Sky High Window Cleaning offers you the opportunity to be a part of our thriving franchise family, where you can make a significant impact in the window cleaning industry while building a prosperous business of your own.

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