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Building a Sold Future
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When considering a franchise opportunity, one of the most crucial aspects is the potential earnings it can offer.

At Sky High Window Cleaning, we understand the importance of providing a dependable source of income that can put food on the table for your family. Let's take a look at the projected earnings and the fantastic earning potential USPs that make our franchise opportunity a lucrative investment...
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Food on the Table

Projected Earnings

When considering a franchise opportunity, one of the most crucial aspects is the potential earnings it can offer.

We understand the importance of providing a dependable source of income that can put food on the table for your family…

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

In this projected earnings example you see…

Year 1: Owner-Operator – You do the work yourself.

Year 2: First Hire – You hire your first operative, having 2 vans on the road.

Year 3: Management – You hire 2 more operatives, 4 vans on the road.

Please note that the projected earnings are subject to various factors and may vary depending on individual effort, market conditions, and other variables. The figures provided are intended to serve as an estimation of the earning potential and should be used as a general guideline.*

Strong Earning Potential

Reap the Rewards

You are joining an opportunity with a strong earning potential. Our high profit margins, combined with opportunities for multi-unit ownership and territorial expansion, provide a significant avenue for growth and financial success.

On average you can earn approximately £66 per hour for a 4 ½ hour workday, ensuring an excellent return on investment and the ability to generate substantial income.

Scalable Business Model

Grow Beyond Boundaries

Our scalable business model is designed to facilitate your quick growth and expansion.

Built on a foundation of repeat customers and referrals, you can expect your business to scale rapidly. As you establish a solid reputation and customer base, the model allows you to expand your territories, unlocking even greater business growth potential and increasing your earning capacity.

Diversified Revenue Streams

Multiple Avenues for Success

With Sky High Window Cleaning, you won’t solely rely on the residential window and gutter cleaning for revenue generation.

Our franchise opportunity includes diversified revenue streams, such as collaborations with facilities management companies for commercial projects.

This diversification provides additional income opportunities and further strengthens your earning potential.

Proven Business Continuity

Weathering Any Storm

Our business model has demonstrated its resilience and continuity across different economic scenarios.

 With a focus on stability and growth, our franchise opportunity is designed to weather any storm, making it a reliable investment for you and your family’s future.

Rest assured that you’re investing in a franchise that can withstand market fluctuations and provide consistent earnings.

Year-Round Work

Consistent Income Stream

Unlike seasonal businesses, Sky High Window Cleaning offers services all year round. This ensures a steady income stream for you providing financial security and peace of mind.

You can rely on our franchise opportunity to generate consistent earnings throughout the year, allowing you to support your family and plan for the future.

Recurring Revenue Model

Stability and Consistency

Our business model fosters a recurring income from repeat customers. By providing excellent service and building strong relationships, you’ll benefit from a stable source of income as satisfied customers return for regular window and gutter cleaning. This recurring revenue model adds stability and consistency to your earnings, providing a reliable foundation for your business’s financial success.

Low Overheads

A Smart Investment

Sky High Window Cleaning offers a low overhead business model that can be operated from home. This reduces initial investment costs and ongoing expenses, making it an appealing opportunity for those seeking a profitable venture with minimal overheads. By keeping costs low, you can maximise your earnings and allocate resources where they matter most.

With our projected earnings and the earning potential USPs mentioned above, Sky High Window Cleaning provides a franchise opportunity that can empower you to build a solid future for your family. The combination of strong earning potential, scalability, diversified revenue streams, proven continuity, year-round work, recurring income, and low overheads make our franchise a compelling choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Take the leap and seize the opportunity to achieve financial success and secure a prosperous future.

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