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I Love Working For Myself

Sky High Window Cleaning Franchise Clevedon

I initially joined Sky High Window Cleaning as an employee, working for Paul in 2021. During this time, I discovered how much I enjoyed meeting customers and working independently. Witnessing Paul’s success and realising the lucrative potential of this role, I started conversations with him about the possibility of owning a franchise. Paul explained the concept of franchising to me and made everything clear, assuring me of his continuous guidance and advice based on his 16+ years of experience. This support has been invaluable.

Although taking the risk to venture into business ownership was initially intimidating, I firmly believe that sometimes you have to seize the opportunity. I took that leap of faith and have never looked back. By demonstrating my commitment to quality work, I have gained numerous jobs through referrals from satisfied customers. Word-of-mouth recommendations have further expanded my client base, resulting in a thriving business.

After a year of running my own franchise, I had a conversation with Paul about the possibility of purchasing another franchise to scale up my business, hire employees, and build an empire. While I am currently in the process of setting up from home and becoming fully self-sufficient, having Paul as a resource for guidance and support gives me the confidence to pursue my ambitious goals.

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